All of Our Treats are Tested on Animals: 

Side effects may include excessive tail wagging, begging and drooling. 

Meet our Taste Testers!

Our Tail

It was not long after the big pet food recall in March of 2007, I became concerned about what my baby, Chloe, eats and decided to read the ingredients list on the bag of the store bought treats that I was feeding her. I was amazed by the number of ingredients listed, most I couldn't even pronounce!

I researched several of the ingredients and learned that most were artificial preservatives, flavors or fillers. What was even more alarming was that I found out that many of the ingredients, especially the preservatives, can cause cancer, kidney disease, allergies and hair loss. It was then that I decided that Chloe deserved far better and went in search of it.

I found several brands of treats that CLAIMED to be all natural but found that they too contained artificial preservatives. 

At this point, I decided I would use my passion for baking and make Chloe her very own treats. This way I could control exactly what went into them, assuring that Chloe only ate safe, healthy and natural treats that were good for her.

Chloe loved these treats so much that we began sharing them with our family and friends. We got rave reviews from both four legged and two legged family members.

Since day one I've dreamed of combining my passions for baking and my love of animals, and opening my very own "Barkery". Now Chloe and I are ready to share our safe and healthy treats with your fur babies. Who knows, you may even like them yourself!

100% Handmade

 Our treats were created with the idea that our pets deserve to eat the same quality, natural foods that we do! In this day and age of recalls you can feel safe giving you pets treats from Chloe's Barkery because all of our treats are independently lab tested and licensed with the Texas State Chemist!

Our treats contain:

  • High quality, human grade ingredients
  • NO artificial flavors
  • NO preservatives
  • NO fillers
  • NO byproducts

Pawing It Forward

Pawing It Forward is our way of giving back. Each month we will adopt a different non profit organization and donate a portion of our proceeds to that non profit. Check out this month's non profit!